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JULY 2020
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29th July 2020 - Midweek League - Match Result

Second Midweek match since COVID-19 struck earlier in the year, info below for your viewing pleasure.

See you all on a match soon!

Match Report Click Here
Midweek League Click Here
27th July 2020 - Match Dates 2021

Not many matches I know in 2020, but we are now planning and have been for some time 2021 matches.
We now have the start of the 2021 match page available for you to view, we have listed all the dates and where confirmed venues and pools.
Please note that dates with no venue shown could possibly change once we have negotiated a venue/water, hoping not to, but it is possible.

You can however write the dates and venues that are shown and are confirmed.

As and when we get more booked, the page will be populated with the relevant information.

You can see 2021 matches either by clicking on adjacent calendar image, or visiting our matches page and click on 2021 shown near the top of that page.

2021 Match Dates
26th July 2020 - Weekend League - Heronbrook Match Result

Second weekend match of 2020 and we were at Heronbrook in Staffordshire.
Links below to all the info on this match, the weekend league and a match photo gallery for you to enjoy.

See you on the next match (see matches page for details).

Bagger Lamb
Match winner Alan Lamb with one of his many fish
Match Report Click Here
Weekend League Click Here
Match Photo Gallery Click Here
14th July 2020 - Midweek League - Match Result

First Midweek match since COVID-19 struck earlier in the year, info below for your viewing pleasure.

See you all on a match soon!

Match Report Click Here
Midweek League Click Here
11th July 2020 - Tuesday Matches

Evening all, hope you're having a good weekend.
Don't forget now that we are back fishing, our first Tuesday match takes place this coming Tuesday 14th July at Brookside Fishery.
Meet at 8.30am on the first car park, draw at 9.00am, fish 10.30am - 3.30pm.
Hope to see you there, don't forget still social distancing and all that entails and of course match payment is by card/contactless only, no cash/coins.

Tuesday Matches
5th July 2020 - Weekend League - Brookside Match

After a long lay off we are finally back fishing matches!
Yesterday sixteen members arrived for what was our first club match in this 2020 season.
Lots of changes, several due to COVID-19 of course and some to improve matches. You will see more details on yesterday's match report and on our matches page for future reference.

Many thanks to all those members who have text us, messaged us, e-mailed us with positive comments since yesterday's match about the way they are now run and the format we have set up (after much discussion).
It really is appreciated by myself and Frank our Chairman in particular and to James Bryan who has been helping out on the technical side.

For all the details on yesterday's match and to view the league, see quicklinks below. See you on a match soon.

Match Report Click Here
Weekend League Click Here
JUNE 2020
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29th June 2020 - Brookside Match
Morning all, only a few days away from our first club match, hope you match members are looking forward to it.
Just a few points:-
Firstly as said previously, bear with us on Saturday as we are in a new world now and we have to adhere to Boris' rules and regs, so things may take a while longer, appreciate your patience.
Secondly, if you can pay by card, ideally contactless, that would be good, cash as a last resort.
See adjacent fishery rules, click on image for a larger version which will ask to save as 'Brookside.pdf'.
See you at the venue around 8:30am.
We hope to fish the match from 10:30-3:30. Any queries, let us know by whichever method you prefer.
Finally don't forget to check that your Rod Licence is valid, and any angler who hasn't yet got a 2020/21 Club Licence, you can either order them here online
, or we will have some with us, so you can purchase on the day.
Brookside Fishery Rules
25th June 2020 - Brookside Fishery - FIRST MATCH OF 2020

Good evening all. We're pleased to announce that we WILL be having a club match on Saturday 4th July 2020 as listed on website and in 2020/21 club licences at Brookside.
As you will appreciate we are having to comply with Covid-19 rules and requirements, so on the day, we will greatly appreciate the patience of members whilst we all get used to the new procedures. Current plan is to arrive at Brookside main car park (the first one off main road, not the one by the pools) for 8.30am. The match is expected to fish from 10.30-3.30pm. We respect anyone who may not want to fish for obvious reasons, and all who do, do so at their own risk.
We will however take whatever precautions we can. One of those precautions is that we can, and would prefer card payments, which can be Visa Debit/Credit, Mastercard, Amex and of course contactless.

As you can imagine we have a few thinks to sort, so this first match may have it's delays, but we hope you understand the reasons why. At least we are all getting back on the water. If anyone has any queries, message us, ring us, happy to answer any questions (if we can). Oh, and lastly, don't forget to check your Rod Licence is valid and goes without saying you need a 2020/21 club licence, which if you haven't got, you can get via club website, or we'll have some with us on the day.
POHAS now accepting
2nd June 2020 - Match Update

Good evening anglers, following a post on 28th May reference our 'potential' match at Partridge Lakes on Tuesday 16th June. Our Chairman Frank Davies had a meeting with Partridge Lakes management earlier today.
Unfortunately the conclusion was that social distancing for individuals and group from club, staff and others could not be guaranteed therefore the match will not go ahead, we're sorry but the health and wellbeing of all concerned is priority and a critical requirement.
We are aware that Partridge are running their matches, but to coordinate their matches with club matches at this stage cannot guarantee safety.
We will keep you posted here and via our Facebook pages about future matches.
As it stands matches until the end of June are cancelled and matches after that continuously reviewed as we get updates.

Stay safe, look forward to seeing you all soon.


MAY 2020
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28th May 2020 - Match Opportunity
Evening members, hope you are all well. Something for our matchmen to consider and reply to please. As many of you may be aware Partridge Lakes have this week resumed their open matches with a stringent Covid-19 procedure in place to ensure they, their staff and visitors comply with and benefit from. We were scheduled to have a midweek match on Tuesday 16th June on Covey 5 which at present is cancelled. Partridge have said that if we 'the club' send an email detailing all of the safety precautions that we would be taking to ensure social distancing is respected from start to finish, the match could go ahead. At this stage we are looking to see who would be interested in fishing and if anyone on the day would be happy to coordinate with Partridge to ensure the smooth running of the match and compliance with Covid-19 requirements.. We still need to see what requirements we need to meet, how we do the draw, weigh-in and payment, so at this stage it is just a talking point, but would value anglers comments and more importantly if we can get organised who would want to fish? Over to you good people!
Visit our contact page for phone numbers and e-mail address details, or click here.
23rd May - Club Match Update

It may come as no surprise, but unfortunately due to Covid-19 we have had to cancel more matches.
All club matches now up to the end of June 2020 have been cancelled.
When we are in a position to restart and of course reschedule matches we will update here on our website and via our Facebook pages.

Our matches page has been updated showing the amendments.

In the meantime, stay safe folks and enjoy your pleasure fishing.

Matches postponed
19th May - Angling Trust - Latest Update
A further update from Angling Trust regarding the restarting of match fishing (don't get too excited just yet)

Click here for details.
15th May 2020 - Angling Trust - Latest Update
Latest update from our friends at the Angling Trust. Click here, or image alongside. Angling Trust Update 15-05-20
12th May 2020 - Brownlee's Pool  
As everyone is well aware COVID-19 is affecting all walks of life including our sport of angling.
From 13th May 2020, UK government has advised that anglers can once again return to the bank, however the need for social distancing needs to be maintained along with all other existing guidelines detailed on NHS England.
Our Pool at Brownlee's is open for current members from the above date, but the Covid-19 measures must be adhered to at all times by everyone on Brownlee's site and is the responsibility of each member to do so.
As you will know this area is also a public right of way, so please respect people passing through the area whilst you are there.
Covid-19 Club Information
12th May 2020 - Angling Trust - COVID-19 Update
Good morning anglers.
Latest update from Angling Trust reference Covid-19 and getting back into angling, click here, or on above image to view update.
11th May 2020 - COVID 19 Update

Good evening, hope you are all managing to cope with the ongoing Covid-19 situation.
Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson's TV announcement yesterday, the Angling Trust have issued an update which you can read by clicking here or on the adjacent image.

Any news on angling at present relates to pleasure fishing, we have no further news on club matches at this time, other than that all club matches until the end of May have been postponed and matches beyond that will be on review as we fall in line with Government guidelines.

Stay safe. we will update our website and Facebook pages as and when we have news, so stay in touch, most importantly, stay safe!

Covid-19_Stay Alert
APRIL 2020
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19th April 2020 - Forthcoming Club Matches - Update

Just to confirm what you all most likely realise.
Club matches scheduled in April & May are all postponed, we hope to reschedule with the respective venues at a convenient point in the future. Future matches after that time will remain under review, when we can confirm either way, we will.
Goes without saying we will notify members as and when we have more news, and most certainly when we can commence our planned 2020 matches.
In the meantime stay safe, look after yourselves and your families, we will see you all soon

Stay Safe
MARCH 2020
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22nd March 2020 - Forthcoming Matches / COVID-19

Following recent events, POHAS committee with heavy hearts have cancelled next weekend’s match at Partridge Lakes (28th March).
Given the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus and the measures that have been put in place, it would be irresponsible for us to continue with our fishing matches.
We will continue to review the situation and as other matches come up, the next being at the end of April, we will advise accordingly through our facebook page and our website.
We are all in this complicated, uncertain and rapidly changing situation together, and we encourage everyone to look out for each other.  At POHAS the safety and welfare of members, family and friends is paramount.
Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones.  We encourage you to consult for information and updates.

Corona Virus (COVID-19)
2nd March 2020 - Club Licence 2020/21
Club licence 2020/21 comes into effect from the 16th of this month, they will be available to purchase in person at our club meeting this coming Thursday 5th March at the Hoop & Mallet Pub, Callands from 8:00pm, or you can purchase online here in our shop, same cost £15 no postal charges, pay using PayPal, note you don't have to have a PayPal account to use.
Enjoy your fishing, and please make sure you have a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence.
Club Licence 2020-21
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21st January 2020 - Happy New Year
Welcome everyone to 2020, sorry it's a bit late. Where did 2019 go? Well as far as our website is concerned it is archived, so to view any news from last year or previous years see the bar towards the top of this page and click on the available years (currently 2006 to 2019).
Happy New Year to everyone, see you fishing during 2020, Tightlines.

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